Fact. Not too fancy anything here, so just don’t even try. Especially, when you are too old people don’t want you to become better but just “live” your shittysomethingwhatever and don’t ever cross their way, ways. Because their ways is their, to cross for you only if not needed at the time of crossing or only by explicit permission.

Worthless. Jobwise. You don’t give life to new people. Well. Also, nor do you by outstanding beauty or whatever. You might try by trying especially hard, or look like it, or anything by doing something social, helping but, but no guarantee. Firstly, help spot must not be needed by someone being privileged at the time, secondly, they must see it, some way or whatever.

However, as they say, you can always try. It doesn’t, never, make a difference, but, you try:

  • Keep trying
  • Don’t worry about it
  • Sorry about that

#redflags #dontbelieveanythingtheysay

They hate me, they hate you. More so, they want me dead, if not then miserable and suffering. They are evil. 💔🙄



Realizing things backwards

Backwards, kind of. It does not matter if you read about it, or intellectualize about it, does it, because your mind goes there eventually, at some point, if and when and soon as you are ready? However, it is not in any way related to time:

Why is it me if anything bad happens, but them when anything good happens?

Isolated and de-s’thing

Unreal of some sorts or at some times. Question: if ppl did you wrong would it be wise to let yourself know or should you find out on your own / if at all / naturally? Just, it is, because if you don’t know then whatever? However, ppl might want to say “no can’t be right too” but tbh which is it? Lol. Whatever.

Practical and looks good too

Whilst the too part at the end of phrase being an important part of current generation that is probably called being the one in the middle of work life. Yup, you slackers who told everyone you invented the internet although you didn’t that much lol the time is over, “completed” if you will, more or less. Anyways, time for scooters, electrical things of all kind in the streets (in addition to cars on streets), glute-free, lactose-free, rye, and nature but with a twist. As in “practical and looks good too” [cnn, august 17, 19].

Love? One thing we got from you slackers, but worsened in the process. For those lucky enough well you know helps keep working against chronicle shyness (unlike anxiety issues!!!) and negative birthrate. Is it just too selfish?

I am scared to be happy, feel happy, smile, or have your shame when smiling in some moments for a second inbetween.

Ok out there, I just miss him so much. How could he have done it? How, and why? Was it all a lie? Some purpose? When I go out and stay there for a bit but too long I feel misplaced, shamed, guilt-tripped, mind-twisted, brought back to feelings and things I don’t want to or can’t. Whatever. Alone. People are rubbish. They don’t even care. Selfish and rubbish.

Still want family too.

Ok? Btw, tears still coming as if when pushing the button for it if there was one for it.

Low tolerance became zero tolerance + Lost the capability to “tolerate” idiots, fake, self-involved, rubbish, whatsoever.



If everyone is better

Nothing what you say makes a difference or even changes anything. Because some people are worth anything, some, others aren’t. Unsure why because ask the ones who are plainly, simply stupid. See, they are everywhere. Literally. Making existence so v difficult. lol. #effoff



Thanks to you, so, because of you I appear to have lost the ability to tolerate idiots.

No, can’t handle those.

No, won’t do.


It is not me. It is you, it is always you. You were wrong. Reality? Don’t know what that is. Close eyes, wait, let it things by. #whatsoever @andy shole person, respect that, idiot.


This week, gues which day. You probably jealous of that, too. You eff offing idiot. I don’t even call you as majority with a bunch in the back any more whatsoever because it does not count. They do not count. You did a bit. Do.

However, #effoff.


Stand up for and don’t be pushed around by people

There’s a do and a don’t for e’thing, isn’t there? Ok, you know what he said to me? Should “do new start [wherever]”, he is such an idiot. He’s probably happy if I am not because he’s one of those bloody rubbish rotten ppl, like to play the victim-role BUT (and I can’t stress that enough) he isn’t. He’s the predator! I fell for him, that, all of it. But, love is kind and I trusted him. He just misused it badly. Abused it. He hugged me every time when we were alone, such as with my head on his chest.